Casino Sustainability: How the Industry is Embracing Environmental Responsibility?

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You might be wondering why there would be a link between the casino industry and ecology, but some trends seen in recent years are having a bigger impact on the environment.

It is mainly related to the most popular model of gambling, which is playing online. It is proven that playing on online platforms like Betiton will lead to a lower carbon footprint when compared to traditional gambling.

Why Gambling Online is Better for the Environment?


The answer is quite simple. When you want to play a game in a traditional manner, that means that you will need to travel. The carbon footprint involved in the process will become even higher if you don’t have any land-based casinos in your area.

In that case, you will more likely have to travel to a state where gambling is available, and visit popular sports like Las Vegas, Macau, or Monaco.

On the other hand, playing from home is more sustainable, and it will involve less energy. Many online platforms are aware of the importance of energy efficiency, which is making this option even better.

One of the biggest trends in the energy field are renewable options like solar, hydro, and wind, and organizations behind gambling platforms are adopting them to save energy, cut their expenses, and promote environmental responsibility at the same time.

The main factors that are leading to lower impact on the environment are reduced carbon footprint, transport reduction, and sustainability brought by the implementation of renewable energy generators.

There are other solutions that are also adding a level of efficiency, with a final result being a lower carbon footprint, such as the adoption of blockchain, cloud services, and most recent payment methods. These advanced solutions are more capable, efficient, and require less time and energy to process.

However, keep in mind that not all online platforms will follow these recommendations about energy efficiency. It can be another factor that you will consider when choosing the right platform.

There is a way to check if the company is following the eco-friendly guidelines, which is by looking whether it has a green certificate. There are multiple organizations that are providing online casinos with certificates as a recognition of their positive impact on the environment and responsible gambling.

Can Land-Based Casinos Reach the Same Level of Sustainability?


While it can be more challenging, there are several things that land-based resorts can adopt to promote sustainability. The fact is that a traditional casino will have a higher carbon footprint, but certain actions can lower the stats significantly.

First of all, it is crucial for them to adopt the energy-friendly generators, such as solar or wind. Also, various systems they use inside are making a huge impact on the overall energy consumption.

Therefore, a simple solution would be to switch to LED lights instead of standard ones. Also, they can restrict plastic products and serve their guests only with glass, or materials that are recyclable and biodegradable.

Some players may think that it is very difficult to achieve that, but there are already some great examples of land-based casinos that are implementing these eco-friendly solutions.

The leaders in this field are Turtle Creek, Caesars, and Sibaya. Turtle Creek managed to cut the cost of electricity by half simply by switching to LED lights. Also, the management decided to implement a new system where recycling and renewables are the main focus.

For example, they are motivating the staff to follow these instructions, and even have a ranking system where people on the top are getting awards in form of a raise, paid leave, various gifts, and more.

When it comes to Caesars, they also adopted the efficient LEd lighting, but they also added another system that is making this casino eco-friendly, and that is the HVAC system for water savings.

They are also promoting sustainability by educating the workers and adapting various models that are making the food and drink services, along with housekeeping, and corporate management more efficient and with a lower carbon footprint at the same time.

The Sibaya company is interesting because the management decided to recycle the glass on sight, and for having a composting zone where they are getting the most out of various waste.

Other Ways Where This Industry Can Impact the Public?


Besides the energy-efficiency and focus on online models, there are other options for this market to influence a wider audience. First of all, it is essential for them to promote responsible gambling.

First of all, each online gambling platform should provide self-exclusion as an option for players who simply cannot limit themselves and are constantly facing bigger losses. The gambling should be only for fun, and the whole industry should state that.

There is a great model available in Europe, called GameStop. This simple system allows a player to choose between different restrictions, such as for a week, for a month, for a few months, and complete restrictions where he won’t be able to register on the same website ever again.

Another way where they can have an impact on the public is by supporting local communities, with charitable work, donations to different sensitive groups, and more.

Besides that, they can also include special games, competitions, along with higher transparency where players could check their balance over time, to compare the wins and losses. Also, the crucial part is to allow fairplay, which can be done only with the implementation of RNG that is not rigged in any way. The profit will still rise due to higher popularity that will come as a result.



As you can see, there are multiple ways where both online and land-based casinos can ensure a lower impact on the environment. The key is to adopt the most recent trends and focus on renewable energy, advanced and highly-efficient systems, and promotion of sustainability.

The biggest impact is made with the expansion of online platforms because more players are choosing to play from home, which is a drastic difference when we compare it to a total carbon footprint you will leave when you are traveling to a resort with a casino.

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