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Editorial Policy

Welcome to “Before the Flood,” where our dedication to fostering environmental awareness and sustainable living is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re thrilled to share our editorial policy, which guides the creation and curation of content on our platform. This policy reflects our commitment to integrity, authenticity, and, most importantly, our mission to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Mission-Aligned Content

Every piece we publish resonates with our core values – environmental conservation, climate change awareness, and promoting sustainable practices. Our team of writers such as Jessica TrentMahir Curtis, and Tomos Irwin are dedicated to fulfilling our mission. Our goal is to enlighten and engage our community on these critical issues.

Content Creation and Integrity

Thematic Relevance

We explore topics deeply, ensuring comprehensive coverage of issues critical to our planet's health.

Up-to-Date & Accurate

Our articles draw from the latest environmental studies and scientific research, constantly updated to keep you informed.

Diverse & Credible Sources

We tap into a broad spectrum of authoritative sources, ensuring a informed perspective in our articles.

Health and Environmental Integrity

While our focus isn’t directly medical, we’re cautious about the health implications of environmental issues. We ensure that such content is verified by experts in the field.

User-Centric & Accessible

Our articles are crafted in simple, engaging language. We aim to empower you with knowledge and actionable steps to make a positive environmental impact.

Embracing Diversity

Our platform celebrates diversity, highlighting stories from different cultures and regions to provide a comprehensive view of global environmental challenges.

Authenticity in the Digital Age

We stand for originality. AI-generated content has no place here without thorough human review and validation.

We encourage personal narratives that bring unique perspectives to environmental topics.

Zero Tolerance for Plagiarism

Originality is key. We strictly prohibit plagiarism and ensure all content is rightfully attributed.

Transparent Correction Process

We’re committed to accuracy. If you spot an error, let us know, and we’ll correct it promptly.

Engaging With Our Community

We value your input and encourage you to connect with us through comments and social media.

Our editorial policy is not just a set of guidelines; it’s a reflection of our commitment to you and the planet. At “Before the Flood,” we’re more than a platform; we’re a community united by the desire to make a lasting positive impact on the world.