3 Dog Breeds That Begin With O – Characteristics & Care

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Dog Breeds

Dogs are the most variable mammal on Earth, with artificial selection producing upward of 360 globally recognized breeds.

Each breed possesses distinct traits related to morphology, which include body size, skull shape, tail phenotype, fur type, body shape, and coat color.

But let’s immediately admit: It is not easy at all to find breeds that begin with “O”.

Despite the frequent starting letters for many dogs, we found only 3 breeds whose name starts with the letter “o”.

The Old English Sheepdog – wonderful family pets

Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog, or OES for short, is a lovable breed that hails from England.

They were originally bred in the west of England, in counties like Devon and Somerset, to help herd cattle and sheep to market.

But don’t let their working history fool you – they quickly became beloved pets thanks to their docile temperament, intelligence, and adaptability.

Despite their fluffy appearance, they have a strong and muscular build that’s perfect for both work and play.

The Old English Sheepdog has a shaggy double coat that comes in shades of grey, blue, blue merle, and brown.

They weigh between 60-100 lbs and have a life span of 10-12 years.

OES are known for their affable, playful, and adaptable nature, making them wonderful family pets.

“The Old English Sheepdog is a breed of clowns, and they’ll do anything to make you laugh.”

The Otterhound – Only 600 left

The Otterhound

The Otterhound is an English dog breed. It is a scent hound and is currently recognized by the Kennel Club as a Vulnerable Native Breed.

They are a beautiful breed but vanishingly rare with around 600 animals worldwide.

This dog has a rough double coat in black, grizzle, tan, or wheaten and weigh between 75-115 lbs. They have a life span of 10-13 years.

“Otterhounds are not only great hunters but also wonderful companions, full of love and devotion.” – William Secord, author and dog artist.

As their name suggests, they were originally bred to hunt otters, thanks to their keen sense of smell that’s only second to the Bloodhound.

Otterhounds have a rough double coat and webbed feet, making them excellent swimmers.

These breed are energetic, affable, and boisterous dogs that make a unique addition to any household.

While they love play and exercise, they’re also known to be quite independent.

Their friendly disposition and distinct bay make them a joy to have around.

Did you know that King John of England used these dogs to hunt otters in the 12th century, and Elizabeth I was the first Lady Master of Otterhounds, keeping her own pack of the dogs?

The ori-pei – mix breed of the Chinese shar-pei and pug


The ori-pei is a hybrid mix breed of purebred parents, namely the Chinese shar-pei and pug.

The ori-pei originated in North America in the year 1970.

A Chinese shar-pei breeder, Aaron Silver, grew very fond of the shar-pei breed but disapproved of their health issues.

At that time, he decided to create a hybrid breed by making it smaller and solving some health issues.

So, he bred the shar-pei and pug and created the ori-pei breed we know today.

The Ori-Pei has a short and smooth coat in black, fawn, apricot, or cream.

They weigh between 15-30 lbs and have a life span of 10-15 years.

“The Ori-Pei is a perfect example of how hybrid breeding can address health issues in purebred dogs while still maintaining their unique characteristics.” – Aaron Silver, creator of the Ori-Pei breed.

Breed Characteristic Good for Apartment Living Molting
Old English Sheepdog Shaggy double coat, distinctive bark, strong muscular body, affable and playful demeanor Yes Yes, requires regular grooming
Otterhound Rough double coat, webbed feet, keen sense of smell, energetic and affable demeanor No Yes, requires regular grooming
Ori-Pei Hybrid mix breed of Chinese shar-pei and pug, created to solve health issues of shar-pei breed, smaller size Yes Minimal


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